family-based immigration services

Contact the Law Office of Nicole Paquin for assistance with family-based immigration, naturalization, and citizenship matters, including:


  • Bringing family members to the U.S.;
  • Fiancée visas;
  • Adjustment of status to become a lawful permanent resident (getting your “green card”);
  • Naturalization (becoming a U.S. citizen);
  • Disability waivers to the English and civics exam requirements at naturalization interviews;
  • Certificate of citizenship;
  • Response to USCIS Request for Evidence in your pending immigration application; and
  • Response to USCIS Notice of Intent to Deny your pending immigration application.

U.S. Immigration Law

is complex and changes often. Life changes, like engagement, marriage, children, divorce, and death, can also complicate immigration options. The Law Office of Nicole Paquin can provide helpful insight and guidance to navigate this complex area of law.